1 2 1 coaching

I run 6 session blocks , the first is 2 hours long this gives us time to talk about ALL the things you feel are holding you back and I mean everything because the more I know the more I can help and the more you will TRANSFORM, here is the time for you to talk to me about how you feel.

The following 5 sessions are every 2 weeks.

I use a combination of coaching techniques throughout 90-minute sessions to enable YOU to transform yourself into a confident and resourceful individual. We talk, I ask questions and I will give you tools to help you feel calmer, in control and relaxed. I will ask you LOTS of questions, I will ask you WHY a lot. This is because the anxiety release method is about YOU knowing you have the answers inside you, so we delve deep.

You will get tasks to complete, this is part of the process. You want to commit yes? You want to feel better? Well this is it.

Group Coaching

This type of coaching will occur in small group formats, where we get to know each other and share our concerns and anxiety. It isn’t for everybody, but it is amazing when you can learn off other women feeling the same way as you. It reinforces that you aren’t alone. You will be supported in the same way as 1 2 1. I will ask lots of questions, you will give lots of answers, we will delve deeply into your belief systems, use strategies to battle those unresourceful thoughts and raise your vibration.

Group Coaching

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This is for you and I to chat, about what you want and I will tell you what I can offer. We will get to know each other a little more to see if we are a fit to work with each other.

I feel passionately about making sure I can offer you the services you need and here’s the real honesty bit, if I think I know someone who you would benefit more from, guess what? I’m going to refer you on. YES, YOU READ ME RIGHT… For me taking your investment regardless would be against my own morals. And if you feel like you need something, I cannot offer you then ask me, and I will recommend someone else personally FOR YOU.

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