We all constantly care for others, but do you ever stop and think about how many people actually rely on you daily??? Do you give them nuggets of advice to look after themselves? Do this, do that?

Do you stop and take that advice yourself?

I started to consider how much I used to run around and do so much for others but didn’t often stop soon enough for myself and give myself self-love and self-care…. if I didn’t help someone so I could help myself did that make me selfish? Of course not, it gives me self-worth…

did i not look after myself because I felt I wasn’t worth enough or felt guilty or was hiding from my own internal thoughts?

I had to soul search and dig deep to know it’s because I wanted to feel wanted by others because I didn’t love myself enough and had low self-worth.

Well NOW I’ve found my worth I know I’m blooming marvellous.

I may wear bright leggings (ok currently its bright tops as my leggings don’t fit)
I may talk too much
I may be over bubbly
I may smile a lot
I may go crazy at disco music
And I may love musical theatre

But hey that’s who I am.

Know who you are and be proud and love yourself A LOT.