What is ARM?

Anxiety Release Method helps you transform your thoughts to those that are positive to enable you to live your best life. We talk and I ask questions to help you find the answers to things you may be blocking to protect yourself. I combine strategies from within NLP, timeline therapy, meditation, exercise and my physical therapy skills to remove anxiety from your life. I am a therapeutic coach because I bring all my skills from many disciplines to the table to enable you. You will get a whole-body approach when working with me.

How do I know if its right for me?

Our discovery session will determine whether or not ARM is right for you. Remember I work with energy so if I sense that you would be better suited to work with someone else I will tell you and vice versa , if I don’t fit your vibe then that’s ok too.
If you want to make a change and are really committed and motivated to put the work in, then that’s a pretty good indication of if its right for you.

Who do you work with?

Predominately professional, entrepreneurial, self-employed expectant or new mums.

Do you do one off sessions?

One off session would waste your time and mine. This is a tried and tested process that requires time and growth from you to enable it to work. I would be doing you a dis service to give you a one-off session. By investing in the block, you are therefore telling me you are committed to wanting to make a change.
If you were a returning client who needed a one-off session this could be done but on a case by case basis.

Didn’t find the answer?

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