I’m a Mumpreneur

I’m almost a mum currently nurturing my little one internally and running my own business…

My history is this – I was once a Performing arts Teacher at a sixth form college, my background was dance and I loved teaching. I then became qualified as a fitness instructor and taught Zumba, Kettlercise, Yoga, Pilates and then became pre and post-natal qualified in exercise.

During my years as a teacher, with cut backs from the performing arts I realised my career could be cut short, being a Dancer anyway I started to become more and more interested in the functionality of the body, how it could work but how it could also have dysfunction.
I had an epiphany I wanted to use my skills to help eradicate dysfunction, so I returned to university to study a BSc in Sports Therapy, finishing my final year this year in 2020.

Late last year I got involved with a fellow business coach to help me get clarity in my then fitness focused biz. At this point we were also studying some sports psychology and it got me thinking about how I loved the feeling of using mindset alongside the physical training to help anybody who needed some help in feeling better about themselves. So, my training as an anxiety release method TM practitioner was born with Adele-Marie Hartshorn.

I felt more passionate than ever that if I could impart my knowledge on others to improve their mental and physical health, I had found my calling.
I have always been a teacher, instructor or guide of some sort it is definitely something that I believe I am truly meant to do. A desk job is not my thing been there done that.

My partner and I were planning for a baby, and low and behold December 2019 came and we found out we were expecting. Then coronavirus hit, all my fitness teaching vanished, and we were told as a vulnerable group to isolate for 12 weeks. Well if that didn’t bring up some anxiety then what would?

I had the tools and skillset to be able to say to myself Come on Alex – you can do this. I was pregnant, self-employed and with my future unknown. So here I am. I kept exercising, I used my coaching tools on myself, I also made sure I gave myself enough self-care to enable a positive mindset.

My mission is clear, to help other women.

Not to be consumed with anxiety or worry or concerns of any kind.